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Pimdesigned develops and realizes, together with clients and partners, new products and concepts which added an extra value for consumers.
This added value is realized through a unique combination of shape and innovation. The key element is that all those who are involved, will profit from the assignment.

Whether it is about developing a cutlery drawer, a tray, a package concept, a piece of furniture or a complete company presentation in the form of a stand, shortly after our first meeting with the client, we are able to present the first ideas and designs.
It is hard to keep up with the latest trends and technical developments. For both buyers and creative teams, it is getting harder to present new ideas in innovating ways. With a small amount of arrogance, we dare to say it is not hard for us at all.

One calls it a handicap, others a special gift. However you want to call it, we do not mind. What does mind for us is your satisfaction with our services. We guaranty satisfaction about the work process and the end result: a product or concept with a high market value.

What can we do for you?
Make your first profit by calling our design studio for an appointment;
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