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Bridal Design - Ja, ik wil

A wedding, traditional, modern or surrealistic is an orchestration of carefully planned details. Bridal design is an essential part of that day. “Ja, ik wil - Bridal Design” is the book that pushes beyond the boundaries of conventional bridal design and gives an overview of new forms and applications. In this book you will find over 50 inspirational designs in full-colour, described materials and used techniques.

Your wedding day is the day you have always dreamed about. You are at the centre of the attention. At Pimdesigned, we create bridal-designs that completes your special day.

Price: Euro 49.95
Bridal Design, Ja ik wil
New shapes and applications as inspiration. Hardcover with 160 Pages in Full-colour.Bridal bouquets, corsages and decorations.

Terra - Lannoo, Publishers 2002
Reed-Business, Publishers 2002
ISBN: 9054391189
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