Floral Design

‘Making every day’s life extraordinary’ is not just a slogan for the Dutch designer and floral artist Pim van den Akker. His floral creations connect the worlds of design and floral art and at the same time prove how natural forms,
structures and colours are determinant factors of the atmosphere in a room. Pim’s passion for vegetable materials is not only reflected in his floral creations; he also integrates and reuses floral patterns when designing vases, lighting
and furniture. With Pimdesigned© he presents a global vision in which humans, nature and interior make up a harmonious entity.

Pim van den Akker is a master in displaying the beauty of flowers and plants in a surprisingly playful and movingly honest way. Beauty, naturalness, structure and individuality are the key words in his creations. This monograph not only shows the virtuosicskills of this expert florist, it is also a splendid testimony of the philosophy of this exceptional floral designer.

Floral Design
Stichting Kunstboek 2009
ISBN: 978-90-5856-296-8

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